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From Pastor Jeremy

For nearly 100 years we have been on a collision course with God’s blessing and promise.


It is exciting and reassuring to recognize that God’s vision for this church has remained the same through generations. There has always been a vision to discover God’s purpose through God’s presence and leave a legacy for the next generation. 


We believe that now is the time to expand our facilities to meet our vision. Our current facilities have served us well for nearly 40 years but we feel God has led us to build a new facility that will begin to serve not only our existing congregation but our surrounding community in new and creative ways. As our church grows we see the value in a facility that can meet the needs of our community with the gospel and hope.  The proposed facilities will not only house a new state of the art children’s ministry area and a new 510 seat worship center, but will also provide an outdoor amphitheater, ball fields, coffee bar and splash pad that will be available to serve the Verde Valley.


I believe that Joshua 1:3 is a promise not only for Joshua but also for this generation, “I promise you what I promised Moses: wherever you set foot, you will be on land I have given you.” Other generations have walked before us and established the path. NOW IT’S OUR TURN! Let’s carry this vision forward with faith.


Jeremy Peters

Lead Pastor

Journey Church

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Make giving your first priority in every area of your life. Make the first use of your money an act of worship.


A generous heart comes from a grateful heart.


Sacrificing non-essentials such as dining out, subscriptions, entertainment and gifts, to name a few, may allow you to make a significantly larger contribution than you first considered.


Financial contributions toward this project should be made in addition to your current tithe and missions giving.


Consistent giving adds up over time. Weekly, semi-monthly or monthly gifts make participation manageable.


Don't give with strings attached. Freely you have received - freely give.


Transfer or will ownership of assets - such as real estate, personal property, stocks, mutual funds or bonds.


It is very possible that you may receive an unexpected financial blessing during this project. When this happens, please prayerfully consider giving part of these gifts to this campaign. By dedicating an unexpected raise, bonus or other form of income, you may be able to give more than first expected.

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